Our Beers

We stock our beers in many independent beer and bottle shops and all of our regular beers can be bought online, see below for further details.

Ah, the siren call of liquid sunshine in a bottle! Dive into this thirst-quenching, easy-drinking golden ale and get lost in a laid-back land that is brimming with citrus, honey and refreshing grapefruit. Best of all, this fresh, zingy beer evokes feel-good memories of beer gardens in beautiful summer sun – bliss!
Aroma: Enticing floral, grapefruit, gentle herbal spice, sunshine.
Flavour: Caramelized grapefruit, fresh lemon, honey undertone, subtle spicy finish.
Match it with: Sweet chilli prawns, lemon chicken drumsticks, honey-roast ham. Why not get it out at the barbecue and rustle up some beer-basted pork steaks?

Hand-crafted with 100% world-class malts and bags more hops than most mass-produced lagers, this is proper lager exactly as it should be. Clean, crisp and dry, it bubbles with spritzy character. It’s ‘lagered’ with love, care and patience meaning that it develops through a long, slow maturation in tank, allowing uncompromised, full-frontal flavours to shine through. Try it – you’ll see what we mean.
Aroma: Soft lemon, mild peppery spice.
Flavour: Crisp lemon mousse, biscuit, caramel undertone, clean and spicy finish.
Great with: Hot dog sausages, herby chicken, cheese platters, fish, lemony desserts.

Give yourself to the dark side and allow yourself to be beckoned towards this velvety, silky stout seducer. This dark, devilish enticer has a rich, deep character that packs a chocolatey and nutty hit. Be careful because when you do succumb, it’ll disarm you with its complex flavours swirled up by the moreish malty layers.
Aroma: Roasted coffee, warmed dark chocolate.
Flavour: Black treacle, nuts toasted on the fire, toffee, dark chocolate ganache.
Savour it with: Dark chocolate, strong stilton, a beef Sunday roast. Stir into a beef stew for a giddying gravy that’ll draw you in for more.

Bold, brazen, ballsy and brewed with American prized hops, this IPA has the volume turned up to just the right level without the hops being overwhelmingly deafening. Prepare to be dazzled by a stunning explosion of exotic citrus fruits and grapefruit, before a gripping, piney finish that’ll have you diving back for more.
Aroma: Lush tropical fruit cocktail, alluring elderflower and rose.
Flavour: Zingy grapefruit, zesty citrus, a spicy and piney kick to finish.
Perfect with: Your favourite Indian curry takeaway, a meaty burger, fajitas, a lemon tart.

Dive into this light, bright and racy blonde and a biscuity malt backbone quickly yields to a hopilicious hit of grapefruit and spicy pine and a wash of pleasant bitterness, flowing in waves from a Hercules of the hop world, Chinook. Don’t be fooled by its lower 4.0% ABV; this punchy blonde throws a hook that’s capable of delivering a blow against stronger beers whilst allowing you to enjoy a longer session. Win win.
Aroma: Pine forest washed with exotic spice, grapefruit peel.
Flavour: Zippy grapefruit, a lush resinous pine punch, a gratifying grip of clean bitterness to finish.
Quaff it with: Chicken Caesar salad, a ploughman’s lunch, fresh prawns.

Whether it’s something crisp, zesty and light to quench our palates in summer, or rich and satisfying to savour by the log fire in winter, sometimes ‘tis the season for a certain sort of beer. We’ll be brewing beers to suit the mood of the season, or to toast an event or special occasion.
Leave us your contact details to be among the first to be notified when a seasonal beer is released. Enjoy them when you find them as they won’t last long!
Season – Autumn:

Pledging allegiance to the understated malt in this age of hop hysteria, our ruby red ale is all about the moreish malts. Crafted out of four diverse malts, it wraps you in a sweet, wholesome cocoon of caramel, biscuit and roasted flavours. It’s lightly hopped so as not to disturb the magnificent malt-forward medley at work.
Aroma: Slightly sweet toffee, warming breadiness.
Flavour: Subtle burnt sugar, biscuit, toasty and roasty.
Pair it with: Shepherd’s pie, gamey meats, vanilla cheesecake, conker picking.

Season – Autumn:

100% pure pumpkin is mashed in before a warming concoction of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are sprinkled into the bubbling cauldron. Think pumpkin pie morphed into beer form and this spicy, deep brown porter is what you get. An aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg first casts an enchanting spell over you, followed by the bewitching of your palate by the moderate spice complexity of cloves and ginger, luring you back for more.
Aroma: Pumpkin pie, nutmeg, cinnamon.
Flavour: Cloves, ginger, a satisfyingly lingering subtle spice finish.
Feast on it with: Pecan pie, roasted turkey or ham, root vegetables, a nut roast.

Season – Winter:

Boss Bliss, 4.6% chocolate and salted caramel stout. Luxurious Belgian cocoa nibs and caramel provide rich, indulgent caramel and chocolate flavours and heaps of cocoa aromatics. Celtic sea salts lend a savoury salt touch, expressing and raising the decadent chocolatey goodness. A really sumptuous treat.
Aroma: Quality cocoa.
Flavour: Bitter chocolate, caramel, a satisfying saltiness.
Indulge in it with: Rich cocoa-based desserts, Beef Wellington, pate, oysters, scallops.

Season – Winter:

Oozing all of the figginess and festive fruitfulness of a Christmas pudding from a glass, Boss Blitzen is a sumptuously seasonal burst of glace cherries, candied orange, currants, molasses, Christmas spices and of course brandy. The warming, captivating flavours and aromas makes it ideal for drowning out the sounds of relatives on Christmas day. Rich and dark, it’s best enjoyed when wearing a Christmas jumper.
Aroma: Festive spices, molasses.
Flavour: Brandy, Christmas spices, orange, molasses.
For extra Christmas magic, pair it with: Christmas cake, Cheddar cheese, dark chocolate, the Queen’s speech.

It’s probably obvious by now that we’re all about making craft beer fun, so we’ll be capturing this playfulness through brewing one-off, limited-release beers. Through letting loose on our pilot brewery, each craft beer will be the birth child of experimentation with ingredients, pushing style boundaries and generally not holding back.
To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up here for insider information on special, limited-release beers. These small, short-run batches of beer will be one-offs, so you’ll want to make sureyou’re among the first to be in the know!

And for the part that we’ve been bursting to tell you about…In the spirit of true craft beer democracy, it’ll be over to you when it comes to deciding on many of the experimental beers that we brew. Your ideas will form the backbone of many of our special edition beers and you’ll be the directors behind our ‘You’re the Boss’ range. How this will work in practice is that we’ll sometimes be asking you to vote on and have the final say on what beer you want us to brew next, whilst other times we’ll be giving you total control of the reigns (or the vessels) by running beer recipe design competitions. The ale aficionados that come up trumps with the winning recipes will be invited to brew their beer with us at the Boss Brewhouse and their recipes will be credited to them of course.
We urge you to sign up here so that we can alert you to the opportunities to shape and influence our beers to your liking as soon as they come up. Be a part of our brewing collective and make your mark on our beers! We hope you’re as excited about this as we are!

Bespoke Beer

In case you aren’t convinced of this already, there truly is a beer style out there for everyone. If you know someone who thinks they don’t like craft beer, it just means they haven’t found one that suits their tastes yet (trust us, we were there once!). There is such a bountiful galaxy of beer varieties out there that it’s impossible not to meet your match.
One day, this got us to thinking about helping people find their ideal beer. From there, our idea for using our pilot kit to craft bespoke beers that are unique to individual pubs, restaurants and shops and tailored to the taste buds of their customers was born. Think of it as the craft beer equivalent of match making in dating except instead of vetting on occupation, height and hair colour, we’ll be pairing up on style, strength and flavours.
So we’re introducing the idea of giving outlets and their locals full-on ownership over everything from the conception to the creation of their very own craft beer – its design, character, look, feel, personality, unique charms, bells and whistles. Together with the pub owner and a bus load of locals, we’ll be hatching up and formulating a truly handpicked, democratically-developed beer, from style to ABV,from the hops to the malts,from the beer name to what they’ll see on the pump clip.
Or maybe you’re an outlet owner and you’re not interested in the ins and outs; you just know really distinctive, flavoursome craft beer when you experience it and wouldn’t mind having one that your drinkers can really take ownership of. Just tell us the types of beer and flavours your drinkers like and we’ll craft an interpretation that’s certain to get the taste buds (and your drinkers) excited.

Outlet owners– If you want to know more about having your very own branded craft beer that will make your locals proud and get them thirsting for more, visit, call or email us today and we’ll have a chat.
Pub goers to nominate your pub or restaurant today if you can’t see how life can get much better than being able to walk into your local and drink a beer that’s not only your match made in craft beer heaven, but that you’ve put your stamp on. We’ll call you before we contact the pub of course; we wouldn’t want you not to get the credit. Leave us your contact details

How to Buy

Enjoy at home
We’ll have our own online beer bottle shop soon, so you’ll be able to buy your beer straight from the website. Sign up now to be alerted to its launch and we’ll even let you in on our online beer offers.
Until then, simply call or email us to order your 330ml, 500ml beer bottles, 5l mini-kegs and beer gifts in presentation packs and we’ll send them directly to you, fresh from our brewery storage to your door. They would have been stored to maximise their final flourish, meaning you savour them at their full potential and exactly as we meant you to.
For those of you that are new to the voyage of discovery that is craft beer, knowing what beer to order can be a bit baffling as a beginner. Let’s have a chat and we’ll find our brew that’s right for you. We’re always on hand to guide those who are in the first throes of craft beer love, so get in touch and we’ll match you to your idea beer. Or just call or email to place your order based on what grabs your fancy. Remember, drinking beer should always be about having fun, so think less, let loose and give it a go!
330ml bottles – £2
500ml bottles – £2.50
5 litre mini-kegs – £19

Trade cask, keg and bottles
We deliver our cask, keg and bottle orders directly to our customers in the South Wales area in our very own Boss mobile. For those of you that are beyond the realms of South Wales, don’t think you’re out of bounds. We’ll be placing your beers in the trusted hands of our delivery partners, so let us know if our beer has piqued your interest.
Visit us, call or email today for a friendly chat about stocking our craft beer and the support we can offer.

About Us

We’re committed to making interesting, flavoursome, distinctive beers using world class ingredients – but that should be an absolute given of all microbreweries. We launched Boss Brewing Company wanting to achieve more and with a bold mission to create a craft beer democracy. Craft beer is and should be for the people and we’re all about creating simply stupendous beers that are truly accessible to everyone. Craft beer should never be pretentious, intimidating or perplexing. Historically, beer was drunk instead of water as a cleaner, safer option–how can we be pretentious about what was (and still is…)basically a daily necessity? We want our beers to ultimately be about having fun – drinking beer should never be taken too seriously! And we don’t want anyone to miss out on the wonderland of taste explosions out there, especially if this means they’re stuck with the tired, mass-produced, homogenous brands. Craft beer is for everyone.


What’s democracy without power to the people? We don’t want to be just another microbrewery that’s making the beers that we want to see. Craft beer is for you, the people and our drinkers, so we want to create craft beer that you’re asking for. Beer is a social beast and we can’t think of a better way of having fun with craft beer than making you, our drinkers, part of our brewing collective and letting you in on the brewing action.

We’ll show this commitment through making you the leaders of our ‘You’re the Boss’ range, special edition beers where you won’t just be drinking the beer,you’ll be influencing the beer. You’ll totally steer the range, sometimes by voting on the next beer we brew, whilst on other occasions we’ll run beer recipe design competitions, leaving the beer totally in your hands. Excited about this? We are! Sign up here to be in the know about these opportunities to directly put your stamp on our beers – miss it, miss out!


The nerve centre of artisan craftmanship
At centre stage of our brewhouse is our custom-made 10 barrel microbrewery, which is entirely geared around you, our beloved drinkers.
We trawled the pubs of South Wales – a hard slog – and spoke to many of you when pulling together our design for our brewhouse centrepiece. We kept hearing that many of you still lust for lager. So we listened and customised our brewery by adding on six bright beer lagering tanks and kegging facilities. This will allow us to bring you properly lagered, long-matured, top-quality, flavoursome lager that will knock your socks off if you’re used to the bland, tired, mass-produced brands. Just try it – the proof’s in the pud.
Those of you who are further afield were kind enough to tell us on Twitter that you’ve love to order some bottled beer, so we invested in our own bottling line from the get-go.
Keeping it green and community are also at the heart of our values here at Boss Brewing. As well as making sure that our brewery was customised to be efficient and resourceful, we’re proud to have a relationship with a local farmer who collects our brewing by-products – spent malt and hops – to feed his little piggies. He tells us that the chocolate malt from our stout is their favourite.

The nerve centre of magic
We have a soft spot for our pilot brewery ‘baby’, which brews172 pints of craft beer in one batch. We first ‘adopted’ it as our home brewing kit and it’s where our infatuation with the art and science of brewing began. It now proudly holds centre stage alongside our main brewery in our brewhouse. Today, it’s our hub of experimentation where we explore and develop new beer recipes. Here is where we see the magic happening.
Craft beer should always be about having fun and what better way than by being playful and expressive with beer and taking the breaks off the imagination? Our pilot kit is where consistency meets naughtiness, rules meet inventiveness and the malt meet s the hops in ways we’ve never tried before. We endeavour to learn, and it allows us to push style boundaries, unearth, interpret and grow. It’s where we give ourselves permission to park our inhibitions, make mistakes and critique ourselves to extend our knowledge.
We’ll be using this little beauty to concoct tiny batches of special, limited-edition beers. We’ll also be upscaling beer recipes for our main brewery when we hit on a eureka beer that we need all of you, novices and beer geeks alike, to quaff on.
Our ethos is that craft beer is and should be for the people, so think of our pilot kit as your pilot kit. Staying true to our craft beer democracy mission, we’ll be asking how you want our kit to be put to work through running beer recipe design competitions and getting you to vote on the beer you want us to brew next.
We’ll also be using our pilot kit to craft bespoke beer that is uniquely customised and exclusive to individual outlets. Nominate your pub for its own one-of-kind, branded beer.

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