It all began in an industrial unit on the outskirts of Swansea. We thought we’d be brewing on this site for at least five years, but we were bursting at the seams before we even reached our third birthday. We expanded into our current premises with ten times the floor space of our former unit in January 2018.

The listed building bossed it as a cinema during the First World War and oozes history and character, making it the perfect site for a brewery tour. Our new site also houses an onsite tap room, a huge court yard and some other amazing spaces for hire.


    Want to see where the Boss beers start their journey? We’ll show you what the day in the life of a brewer is like from grain to glass. Walk amongst the vessels for a true behind-the-scenes look as we immerse you in all things Boss. It’s up close and personal – taste the malt, sniff the hops!

    Because we are a little bit mischievous, we had to add our own naughty little spin. For the £20 per person admission charge, you get a 1 hour tour followed by an hour to drink unlimited beer in our taproom. You’re adults; you don’t need us to tell you to drink responsibly…

    Want to give a tour as a gift? Buy a gift voucher.


    For groups of 10 people or more, we can arrange a private tour of Boss HQ and everything that we do.

    Perfect for stag dos, leaving dos, birthdays, hen dos, or as a corporate/team building event.

    Get the inside scoop on a personal basis and be entertained.

    Private tours can be the standard tour or customised to your individual needs with a selection of:

    - tour

    - guided beer tasting

    - bar hire

    - food

    - entertainment

    Contact us to find out more.


    We have a selection of options for events, festivals, carnivals, private parties, weddings, etc.

    We can setup and run pop-up and mobile bars for your events, providing not just award-winning beer, but also a selection of wines, spirits, and cocktails for you and your guests to enjoy wherever you are.

    Options include:

    - rustic/craft pop-up bar

    - horsebox bar

    - van bar

    - single line setups

    - etc.

    Contact us to find out what we can do for you and your event.