The day has arrived; rejoice all you bad-ass beer designers! Welcome to Day 1 of our #YoureTheBoss beer recipe design where you will be voting on the ABV of our Summer Session Pale Ale.

Just a quick recap if you’re just now joining us – although if you want you can also find our introductory blog post here.

We will post on the blog every TWO days outlining the next aspect of the #YoureTheBoss beer that you need to direct us on.  Remember, you’re the ones steering the brewing vessels here and its your preferences that will be forming the backbone of this Summer Seasonal Session Pale Ale, perfect for a warm day in the sun at Copper. Then, you can cast your votes up until the release of the next blog post via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, by using the hashtag #YoureTheBoss, or let us know in the Blog comments.  And, if you fancy more of an anonymous touch, you can also submit your selections through this survey link. The recipe designing will be broken down as follows:

Monday, 20th: ABV- even within a session range, ABV can be a contentious thing!

Wednesday, 22nd: Speciality grain addition

Friday, 24th: Hops

Sunday, 26th: Adjuncts- your opportunity to make this beer truly custom and one of a kind!

So here’s the funny thing about beginning with a vote on the ABV: we really didn’t intend for this to be part of the vote at all. Since we had settled on brewing a customised session-strength pale ale, everyone here thought it was obvious. That’s why when we all suddenly spoke at once, and three different ABVs popped out of our mouths, lines were drawn in the sand. In one corner, we have a firm believer in a session ABV of 3.8% who would steadfastly argue that anything over 4% has less of a right to the term session. And in the other corner, we had an ardent opinion that session or not, a beer under 4% wasn’t worthy of the name.

And so, of course, it became very clear: let the people decide!

The choices are:

3.8% ABV session summer pale

4.0% ABV session summer pale

4.2% ABV session summer pale

Now, we understand that these differences can seem so small as to be arbitrary, but hear us out. First of all, the entire concept of a session beer speaks of a day spent out with good friends, whether that means a quiet one at your local (which, of course, will be Copper), or a cheeky day at the beach, but definitely more than one beer. The clue’s in the name. And the thing is, while the difference between these choices seems to be an even .2% across the board, the way ABV affects your body is actually compounded. This means that it is not a clean ratio between how long it would take you to process the 3.8% versus the 4.2%.


If you want an even more in depth and clear explanation for why this is, head over to this article that explores the true differences between a 4% session and a 5% “session” beer.  It does a great job of clearly explaining how big the effect can be based on a little bit of ABV increase, but what it pretty much boils down to (heh) is when it comes to our body’s alcohol intake, the real difference between 4% and 5% alcohol by volume is much more than 25% when it comes to how quickly excess units accumulate. And what does that mean, really? Why, it means drinking less beer. Which as far as we’re concerned is definitely an important enough factor to let our craft drinkers decide for themselves.

And so, bearing that in mind, let the voting begin! Remember to use the hashtag #YoureTheBoss whenever possible, and to submit your answers by the time the next stage of the beer goes live. May the odds be ever in your favour, our fellow Bosses!

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